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#Freelance Friday! 1/9

January 10, 2015

Evening everyone!

Well it’s technically late morning here for me, but I’ve been slam packed busy with research for my freelance project I’m working on!

Here’s just a snippet of the type of “research” I’ve had to do today… I Love My Job!


Yep. A freelance project that incorporates characters from a computer game requires research of those characters. I love that I get to call my gaming “Research!”

Until Next Time…

Keep Writing!


New Year, New Goals, and New Interface

January 5, 2015

Hello all my friends.

It’s been a while since I’ve last chatted with you, but I needed the break to get some clarity. And I can proudly say, I found it!

So, this is what’s coming up.

I’ve already received my first Freelance assignment and am working steadily on that, my contract should be arriving this week, and I’m so excited to start this new portion of my writing career!

Aside from that, I’ve also already had a new contract come in this month with a new publisher from Australia. It’s another anthology inclusion and the theme was musicals. Brilliant! As I’ve grown up with in a house that thrived on musicals, dinner theaters and the likes, I was jazzed about submitting, and I guess the writing showed it. It was accepted.

I’ve also already wrote, edited, and submitted another short anthology “essay”. This was a non-fiction piece, my first ever subbed. I felt really well while I wrote it, and hopefully I should know back from them soon as well. The final day for submissions is Jan. 15th, and I’ve already heard back from the company saying they received it but won’t be reading any stories until after the deadline. (Completely understandable. I’m just utterly shocked that I turned it in twelve days before the deadline. That’s a first as well.) They do however expect to have their decisions made by the beginning of February.

I’ve also resubmitted a flash fiction romance piece to a magazine that I subbed to back in May of last year. As per their guidelines, if we hadn’t heard anything in six months, we could resubmit. I waited seven, then decided I couldn’t wait any more. If I get accepted by this magazine for my flash fiction piece… well let’s just say that it’s a magazine that EVERYONE in the US sees at checkout stands everyday! Needless to say it would boost my writing confidence immensely.

Beyond actual writing, something coming up that will affect you here is that I’ve decided to simplify my online presence. In just a couple of weeks, I will have an entirely NEW website. Blog posts that are normally posted here, will be posted on that site. I will post them in both places for a month with a reminder and link to the new site. By March 2015, this blog will go silent.

So much more is being added on my other site. Dedicated days such as #ManicMondays (a day in the life of writing), #TimeonTaskTuesdays – 30 min updates to get the flow going and how you can improve your time management. There will also be a #FreelanceFriday session where there may be screenshots of my current projects and a #7lineSunday where I will share seven lines from a new writing or work in progress.

But that’s just the beginning and my own personal writing life. Under “Writing Resources” there will also be dedicated days of things just for authors. #SubmissionCallSaturday I feel will probably be my biggest hit and one that I am most eager to present, but there will also be other posts on contracts, self-pubbing, and most importantly THE MONEY!

So, I hope we can stay connected and I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running. Until then, I’ll be back to post more soon.

Keep Writing!

Lisa A. Adams

Breaking down the BIG goals…

December 16, 2014

A couple of days ago, I asked you guys to think ahead. What so you want to accomplish five years from now? What are you BIG goals? I’m going to say these are my long-term goals. I understand that five years may not sound like a long time for some. But, for me, I know what’s coming in the next five years in my life (to some degree) and it will cause massive changes. For instance, in five years, I will have two of my five children out the house and the other three will all be in high school. That is going to change my life drastically, so some of my goals will change as well.

One of my long-term goals was I want to be able to make $100,000 a year by being a writer. Yep, BIG goal. HUGE, actually but you have to understand that this is my goal. And I WILL get there. (It’s the Determination part of me. I want to bring my husband home from his stressful job and I WILL.)

Next I have to look at what all that entails. How can I MEASURE that to make sure that will meet that goal?

If we choose monetarily… we could easily calculate backwards and say that in four years I’ll be making $80k, In three $60k, in two $40k and so on. So, now I have my goals set up as monetary stepping stone to check myself by at the end of each year.

But that doesn’t help me with the “HOW am I going to make this money?” Now comes the fun part…

Take out a sheet of paper and smack dab n the middle of it all put the word “AUTHOR.” Now, we are going to brainstorm. Just remember, that although an author’s MAIN job is to write and create amazing new stories, there are other things that writers can do as well.

Actually Teaching Writing. Boom! More income streams.

How about getting booked to speak at other writing groups about your journey? Yep.. totally doable.

Then there’s the writing itself: academic journals, blogging, magazines, anthologies, novels, poetry, online magazines and websites, freelancing, self-publishing, scripts (YES, HOLLYWOOD!), music, and gaming industries, just to name a few.

And those are just the kinds of writing, we won’t even go into genres here. Don’t let yourself get pinned down into one thing… grow your writing wings by exploring many genres and publishing options.

So, create your BRAINSTORM! Figure out all the different ways YOU would be willing to TRY to bring in that money. Teaching totally works for me, as I am a certified teacher. It doesn’t bother me to get up in front of people and talk. (Though it did when I started. Overcome that fear. You CAN do it!)

START NOW! Break down your Big dream into medium milestone markers. Next time we’ll cut it down even further into short-term goals. These will be done in daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals so that you hit those medium term goals and can gauge that you are on your way to completing that LONG term, BIG goal.

Until Next time ~ Keep Dreaming!

~Lisa A. Adams

The thing about goals…

December 13, 2014

I was talking with a group of people the other day about the goals I had set for myself three years ago versus where I am today. They had a hard time understanding how I could make five times more money from writing this year than I did from last year. They wanted to know what my “secret” was.

Well, it’s not really a secret. In fact, I was teaching this to my Freshman Focus class this year. But, here’s the thing… having the knowledge and applying that knowledge are two very different things.

For instance, When I first started my journey into “being a writer” some ten years ago, I bought massive amounts of books on the subject. (I am a researcher by nature. I love it. Just another nerdy quirk of mine.) I’m sure several of you reading this have a stack of writing books somewhere. Just know you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in a HUGE group of people.

The problem I had the first two years was that I was spending so much time reading about HOW to write, I wasn’t implementing what I had learned. Wow! Breakthrough moment there, right?

The fact of the matter is simple. You can set 150 goals for yourself, but if you don’t ACT and start making some of those goals disappear, you’ll never reach them. (Wow! Again with the light bulb!)

I’m not trying to be snarky or rude here. In fact, I was there. I was that person asking, “How did you do that?” And the answer I got most often? “I wanted it bad enough, and I just MADE myself do it.”

So, here’s my question to you…

“What three things do you want to accomplish in the next five years?”

Think BIG! Next post, we can work on cutting these really big goals down into smaller goals.

Until Next Time ~ Keep Dreaming!

~Lisa A. Adams

Amazing News! Another Goal Down!

December 11, 2014

First, a confession… I am a NERD. I am a GEEK. (There, now that I’m out, let’s begin with the story.)

A few months ago, I submitted a short 500 word try-out to a game company. Well, I assumed that because I hadn’t heard anything back, that I didn’t get the job and moved on. I have no “official” published works in the gaming industry and it is a hard industry to get into. However…

I am ecstatic to announce that I DID hear back from them yesterday and they LIKED my work! Enough so that there were only eight of us chosen from the submission pile that have been offered to write a book that will go along with their TableTop game! It is a collaboration project and each of us will be assigned a few characters to write. (No, I don’t know my characters and even once I find out, I won’t be sharing that information until after the project is completed.)

I am the only female that is on the team, which I somewhat expected as the TableTop Role-Playing games are chiefly made up of guys. I don’t have a problem with this at all, as most of my life I have been the only female in different situations that is working with a bunch of guys. (Truth be told it started in High School when I was the only female wrestler on the team. Yes, I did that!) I don’t have a problem with this at all, I just hope they don’t.

Once again I’m sure that I will have to prove my worth, talent, and determination. I have the experience behind me to do so, and I know I will.

For those of you that are interested, I’ll be working on a project for Green Ronin games and their Dragon Age RPG. I’m so incredibly stoked!

So, another goal down. This goal… Stepping into New genre’s. Yay!

Until Next Time~ Keep Writing!


1st Day Live Class for Time on Task for Writers!

December 9, 2014

Hey all. Things are a little hectic here on this side of it. The opening of my shop and the people who have joined have been awesome.

I’ve gotten great feedback on how to switch some things on my site and the suggestions have been spot on. They’ve really helped speed up the process of people in my site and getting people to download the course materials and such. So now comes the fun part.

I’ve already posted the first day’s forums here and the account of what’s next. Problem is, of all the people who downloaded the FREE course, only one has actually entered the forums. I hope I don’t end up talking to myself in there. But, I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. People LOVE free stuff, as long as their no strings attached, and I didn’t attach any. Hopefully, they’ll like that feature and be back to my site for more information in the next few weeks.

I also am hosting a live tweet chat tonight to discuss with anyone doing this with me, some ins and outs of the course and what they’re doing. It’s on the hashtag #timeontask at 8:00pm EST.

This blog really is the more writing, creating, blog and not focused so much on the promo or anything. This blog is about the experience. And I hope that Time on Task for Writers LIVE will give all those people a wonderful experience, and me as well.

I guess that’s enough rambling at the moment. Thanks for sharing in my day!

Until next time ~ Keep Dreaming!


It’s up and Running! Major Goal complete!

December 6, 2014

I finally have my website up. was a HUGE goal that came up very quickly. Just 15 days ago, I had an epiphany and decided to run with it. And honey, it was a marathon!

How did I do it?

I took the task and broke it down into actionable steps. Every night before I went to bed, I planned my next days activities with my “3 Most Important Tasks” or MIT’s for short. The following day, I made sure I completed those three things… if nothing else!

Some of my MIT’s were small and could be completed in under thirty minutes. Most of them were an hour to two worth of work. I did it while working part-time, with the holidays and my five children home and traveling, AND with having to do loads of research on website development (because seriously, I’m a little clueless in that department… But I’m learning!)

But, How did I do it?

MIT’s are incredibly important. But, my DRIVE and compassion is what Kept me going when I had to scrap an entire site and rebuild it on a different platform just five days ago. It was my “Time on Task for Writer’s” formula that had me hit my goals. It’s an amazing thing! If you’re interested, pop over to and get the ecourse for FREE.

I hope to see you there!

Until Next Time ~ Keep Writing

~Lisa A. Adams