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It’s Freelance Friday! 1/16/15

January 16, 2015

Welcome everyone to another addition of Freelance Friday!

I decided to post today’s work “research” early because I know I get caught up in it, and I believe last week it wasn’t until LATE when I finally posted something.


This is Morrigan. Isn’t she sexy! I love how the artists have represented her. Snarky little thing, too! And a powerful Mage!

For those of you unfamiliar with PC games and such, this is a game called Dragon Age: Origins, produced by BioWare and EA games.

My Freelance Project has us studying a multitude of characters to create a new book to go along with the Dragon Age role-playing tabletop game. This book will be put together by Green Ronin Publishing and will help tabletop players add some of the more notable NPC’s of the PC version into their game.

I am so honored to be working on this assignment and I can’t wait to see the whole book in its entirety.

Keep up with me on deadlines, game play, and whatever else will be involved with me here and eventually on when the site goes live!

Until next time…

~Keep Writing!

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