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Website changes – progress update

January 15, 2015

Morning everyone!

Just a quick update on the status of

It’s been an interesting two weeks and the site is finally becoming what I wanted it to be all along! I’m super excited that I have the chance to work with a totally fabulous lady from the UK, Jodee Peevor, on the redesign. I’ve learned so much with her help and can’t wait to show off all our hard work to all of you!

There’s only a few more things that will need to be added. I’m hoping that by this time next week, the new site will be LIVE. Right now, following the link will still take you to the old site, but I promise new things are a coming! The design is crisp, clean, and well… sexy, if I do say so myself.

The classes that I offer are much easier to navigate, and the set up is much like an online college class! (Very professional, but extremely easy to navigate and keep track of.) Running LIVE classes is actually possible without all the hassle of trying to do it like I was. There are two categories for classes at the moment, Basic Writing and Genre Specific. Can’t wait to get more added for you!

Finally, a quick update on writing. I finished 1st and 2nd round edits for my piece that was accepted at the beginning of January and the story looks great! I’m so excited for this anthology to be coming out in March. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with this publisher again soon, as they were so amazing to work with!

Well, back to my freelance writing now, and possibly another submission by the 20th. Still bouncing around an idea and haven’t had a stoke of genius moment yet. Perhaps it will come before the 2 day deadline like the last one did.. lol.

Until Next Time…

~Keep Writing!

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