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Money Monday! 1/12

January 12, 2015

With a start of a new year, it’s always important to reflect upon last year. Not only your acceptances, publications, and exposure, but the money aspect as well. Especially with TAX season rolling in.

This is my second year claiming my writing as a business, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve brought in SIX times more than I did last year. And I only spent 1 dollar more in expenses. (Not sure how I did that $1 more, but I love it!)

So what exactly does that mean…

Here’s some figures…

My first year writing, I had six books published during 2013. However, I received NO payment on two of those books that year based off of their release date. Pretty much anything published in the fourth quarter you won’t get paid for until Jan the following year.

1 was in an anthology that has a decent number of authors contributing and was based off royalties. Needless to say the more authors, the less royalties you receive.

My YA novella wasn’t marketed well upon release, and has never really been noticed. Because of minimum royalties from publishing houses before they’ll pay, I’ve yet to receive payment on that one.

Last year, I brought home an exciting $40 in royalties. (Honesty is crazy isn’t it.)

This year… I started receiving royalties on the later published books. I’ve sold three stories outright. And continued receiving royalties on 2013 books. Total royalties for 2014 $244.

This year, I already have three releases scheduled. And have just recently picked up a large Freelance project. IF I can do what i did last year, I should get a minimum of $1464. But… I get better every year! So if I account for that… My goal is a minimum of $2,000.

Still not enough to live off of, and I’ve eternally thankful for my supporting husband. But… I will get there!

Are you joining me on this ride? Until next time…

~Keep Writing!

P.s. Don’t forget… I’ll be changing blog sites by the end of the month. So, keep a watch to find the new link and keep up with me there.

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