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WD Story Complete

September 20, 2011

Yesterday, while my kids were at soccer practice, I had my laptop and an hour and a half of decent writing time! So, I used my outline I had created the day before of my WD story and began. Butt in chair, Hands on Keyboard, Typing away madly.

The end result was everything I had envisioned it to be. I kept in on the back burner for a day and just reread it out loud. The story flows smoothly from the oral and auditory side. My husband was kind enough to read and point out a couple grammatical errors. Others have also volunteered. The feedback is all good and I can’t wait to submit.

After studying the WD winning articles month after month, I’ve noticed a pattern. Most of the stories that have won all have a comic twist at the end. The good folks at WD seem to like a laugh. And do I have just the story this time.

The story is due October 10th, and though I am excited, I am NOT going to let that make me press submit before I am absolutely sure that this story of only 667 words is absolutely perfect!

well, off to try to rewrite some of my other MS to try to get that one out the door as well. Happy Reading and Writing guys!

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