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Rewrite and Competitions

September 18, 2011

I must admit, I was really bummed when I received my rejection for my Harlequin Historical UNDONE! back in February. I felt like I had improved in my writing and worked so hard, that I should have definitely been chosen for publication. (Yeah, I know, I was dreaming.) Regardless, I felt so dejected that I simply placed the story aside and left it to rot. However, I went back and reassessed. (Probably when my DH told me that I better get writing again, or I was going to have to work again next year.)

I reread the rejection letter and the editors actually told me to try another publishing house and gave me the name of the house and the editor’s name. “I’m SO STUPID!” So it wasn’t that my story wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t what that particular imprint thought they could publish successfully.

So, I do need to rewrite though. I need to add about another 2,000 words and expand detail especially when my new critique friends are telling me they can’t get a vision of my hero. The new publishing house only accepts manuscripts above 15,000. Plus if that publishing house doesn’t work, I always have another option that takes smaller novellas up to 20,000. So, the new rewrite will work for both.

Plus, I’m also entering a WD Your Story competition. This month’s prompt really jogged my mind quickly and I am ready to write it all down. So I outlined it yesterday and have it on the back burner for a couple of days. My writing time has truly begun, and I WILL NOT STOP! This is it. The journey is nothing but forward from here on out. No exceptions. No excuses. I am an author. I will be living the life of a writer, very soon.

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