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Website is live and Calls for Writings!

February 14, 2015

My new website is live! We are up and running and it looks so nice! I just know you guys are going to love it.

The home page is but I’m here with you today to share with you my latest blog post there.

Submission Call Saturday is a feature I’ve been running for a few weeks there under my “Writer’s Resources” Blog. Well, it’s Saturday, so here’s the latest post!

Two new calls every week from publishers looking for submissions. That’s the idea here. One publisher will be a romance niche. The other will be in any other genre. Since most of the other genre publishers usually accept everything except romance, this ends up working out nicely. From horror, Sci/fi, Speculative, SteamPunk, Fantasy and combinations, I probably have something you can use.

I am also trying to vary lengths of works for calls from 250 word flash up to novel sized writings. There’s a publisher out there. Hopefully I can help you find them!

Until next time…

~Keep Writing!


Submission Call Saturday 1/24/15

January 24, 2015

Evening everyone!

A little late in the day for me to get this up finally, but you know what they say about life, right? Anyways, here’s a couple FREE listings that I’ve found today. The normal “check into the fine details” speech applies. Good luck everyone and here ya go!


Totally Bound Publishing has a call for a new anthology call out! BDSM – Spanking 10-15k required word count. M/F

Submission Calls

Submission Calls


relationships. Due Date: March 1st. Paying Royalties. For further information click right here!

Other Genre:

Flash Fiction Online is an online website that is devoted almost solely to the publication of flash fiction. For those of you that have short story writing in the bag, you may want to have a look at this awesome site. Accepting Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Literary Fiction flash fiction at 500-1000 words. Pay is $60 per story and turn around time is 2-10 weeks. For more info, including a list of hard sales and other goodies they’ve out together for writers looking to submit, click here!

Good Luck everyone! Until next time…

~Keep Writing!

Submission call Saturday 1/17/15

January 17, 2015

Morning everyone!

Here are your two freebie listings for new publishers or calls for submission. Again, I have not worked with most of these companies. I am not recommending these companies. I simply find their calls and pass them on. If you choose to respond to the call, I suggest you do your own research to see if the publishing house will work for you.

Submission Calls

Submission Calls


Hot Ink Press has THREE listings for calls on their submission webpage! Writings from 2k-25k for specific themed anthologies, and due dates sitting at March 31st, May 31st, and July 1st. For more information and to go straight to their submissions page, click here.

Other Genre:

T. Gene Davis Speculative Blog has been publishing 1 story a week on their blog for over a year, has almost 18,000 followers and is looking for horror, sci-fi, or fantasy. A payment rate of $75 for stories 250 words to 6k through Paypal and decisions within 60 days. For more information click here.

Good Luck everyone! And until next time…

~Keep Writing!

It’s Freelance Friday! 1/16/15

January 16, 2015

Welcome everyone to another addition of Freelance Friday!

I decided to post today’s work “research” early because I know I get caught up in it, and I believe last week it wasn’t until LATE when I finally posted something.


This is Morrigan. Isn’t she sexy! I love how the artists have represented her. Snarky little thing, too! And a powerful Mage!

For those of you unfamiliar with PC games and such, this is a game called Dragon Age: Origins, produced by BioWare and EA games.

My Freelance Project has us studying a multitude of characters to create a new book to go along with the Dragon Age role-playing tabletop game. This book will be put together by Green Ronin Publishing and will help tabletop players add some of the more notable NPC’s of the PC version into their game.

I am so honored to be working on this assignment and I can’t wait to see the whole book in its entirety.

Keep up with me on deadlines, game play, and whatever else will be involved with me here and eventually on when the site goes live!

Until next time…

~Keep Writing!

Website changes – progress update

January 15, 2015

Morning everyone!

Just a quick update on the status of

It’s been an interesting two weeks and the site is finally becoming what I wanted it to be all along! I’m super excited that I have the chance to work with a totally fabulous lady from the UK, Jodee Peevor, on the redesign. I’ve learned so much with her help and can’t wait to show off all our hard work to all of you!

There’s only a few more things that will need to be added. I’m hoping that by this time next week, the new site will be LIVE. Right now, following the link will still take you to the old site, but I promise new things are a coming! The design is crisp, clean, and well… sexy, if I do say so myself.

The classes that I offer are much easier to navigate, and the set up is much like an online college class! (Very professional, but extremely easy to navigate and keep track of.) Running LIVE classes is actually possible without all the hassle of trying to do it like I was. There are two categories for classes at the moment, Basic Writing and Genre Specific. Can’t wait to get more added for you!

Finally, a quick update on writing. I finished 1st and 2nd round edits for my piece that was accepted at the beginning of January and the story looks great! I’m so excited for this anthology to be coming out in March. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with this publisher again soon, as they were so amazing to work with!

Well, back to my freelance writing now, and possibly another submission by the 20th. Still bouncing around an idea and haven’t had a stoke of genius moment yet. Perhaps it will come before the 2 day deadline like the last one did.. lol.

Until Next Time…

~Keep Writing!

Money Monday! 1/12

January 12, 2015

With a start of a new year, it’s always important to reflect upon last year. Not only your acceptances, publications, and exposure, but the money aspect as well. Especially with TAX season rolling in.

This is my second year claiming my writing as a business, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve brought in SIX times more than I did last year. And I only spent 1 dollar more in expenses. (Not sure how I did that $1 more, but I love it!)

So what exactly does that mean…

Here’s some figures…

My first year writing, I had six books published during 2013. However, I received NO payment on two of those books that year based off of their release date. Pretty much anything published in the fourth quarter you won’t get paid for until Jan the following year.

1 was in an anthology that has a decent number of authors contributing and was based off royalties. Needless to say the more authors, the less royalties you receive.

My YA novella wasn’t marketed well upon release, and has never really been noticed. Because of minimum royalties from publishing houses before they’ll pay, I’ve yet to receive payment on that one.

Last year, I brought home an exciting $40 in royalties. (Honesty is crazy isn’t it.)

This year… I started receiving royalties on the later published books. I’ve sold three stories outright. And continued receiving royalties on 2013 books. Total royalties for 2014 $244.

This year, I already have three releases scheduled. And have just recently picked up a large Freelance project. IF I can do what i did last year, I should get a minimum of $1464. But… I get better every year! So if I account for that… My goal is a minimum of $2,000.

Still not enough to live off of, and I’ve eternally thankful for my supporting husband. But… I will get there!

Are you joining me on this ride? Until next time…

~Keep Writing!

P.s. Don’t forget… I’ll be changing blog sites by the end of the month. So, keep a watch to find the new link and keep up with me there.

Submission Call Saturday 1/10

January 10, 2015

It’s Saturday! And to get you your creative juices flowing here’s two freebie calls for you.

Romance :

Satin Romance, an imprint of Melange Books, LLC, is putting together an anthology based around the theme of Marriage proposals.

Required story Length: 15k-25k

Due: March 1st, 2015

Payment: Royalties

Other Genres:

Daily science Fiction Webzine is looking for flash fiction pieces to enhance their site.

Required Story Length: Under 1,500 words

Due: Ongoing submissions

Payment: .08/word

Good Luck everyone! And Until Next Time…

Keep Writing!